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Hi everyone,

I have two microstories, Arctic Freeze and Ordmak, in the following anthology of microstories. These are great stories to read in the dental or doctors office since they are short and some are hilarious.

The Future Is Short: presents 57 Science Fiction Micro-tales by 31 Authors

*The Future Is Short: Science Fiction in a Flash, an anthology of 57 microstories by 31 authors, edited by Jot Russell, Paula Friedman, and Carrol Fix. Lillicat Publishers 2014, ebook editions available June 29 through traditional online stores, print version forthcoming July 2014.*

Step through the borders of reality in these 57 evocative tales by 31 science fiction authors.

Discover wonders and horrors of science and speculation in this sparkling collection. Swift to read but unforgettable, each story evokes a universe, a concept, a feeling human or alien.

Visit time’s ghosts on Mars; wake to unseen new dimensions. Explore alien love and hate, human inspiration and revenge. Observe worlds and civilizations of the far future; wonder with aliens at human lives and actions. Explore a universe of heaven and hell redefined.

These tales, each under 725 words; hold truth and laughter, comedy and tragedy.

Available at Smashwords, Apple, Barnes&Nobel, Kobo, Sony, Diesel and Page Foundry.

The Works

Sources: SSBKADP=Smashwords, Sony, Barnes&Nobel, Kobo, Apple, Diesel, Page Foundry
Short Stories
The Jumper and the Crabs(non-SciFi) Morbid Curiosity Cures the BluesAmazon
Capturing a Flying Saucer(non-SciFi) Morbid Curiosity Issue 5 2001Loren Roads
The Man From Tau Ceti(non-SciFi) On this web siteOn this web site
Eternal M Transcendental EpochSpeculative Science/SSBKADP
Big Al Transcendental EpochSpeculative Science/SSBKADP
Ex World Leader End TimesSpeculative Science/SSBKADP
The Survivor End TimesSpeculative Science/SSBKADP
Corpus Deletum End TimesSpeculative Science/SSBKADP
The Picnic End TimesSpeculative Science/SSBKADP
The Possessor (non-SciFi) The PossessorSmashwords/SSBKADP
Thomas Messenger (non-SciFi) The PossessorSmashwords/SSBKADP
The Jungle (non-SciFi) The PossessorSmashwords/SSBKADP

Well of Mirrors Earth Based SciFiSpeculative Science/SSBKADP
McCambrie's Army Solar System Based SciFiSpeculative Science/SSBKADP

The Diary of Professor Gilbert Rasher Earth Based SciFiSpeculative Science/SSBKADP
Tillian 5 - A New Beginning Galactic SciFiSpeculative Science/SSBKADP
Tillian 5 - Return to Earth Galactic SciFiSpeculative Science/SSBKADP
Tillian 5 - The Overseer Galactic SciFiSpeculative Science/SSBKADP

One of a Kind Earth Based SciFiYouTube
Flight of the Soul Earth Based SciFiStage32.com

Children's Stories
Mary Had a Little Dagnaserub Simple SciFiSpeculative Science/SSBKADP

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