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Science Fiction Stories

The Diary of Professor Gilbert Rasher
by Kalifer Deil
Genre: Science Fiction/General(FREE)
Format: Most e-book formats
Total words: 32981
Tillian 5 Trilogy. The diary starts out as a prequel to "Tillian 5 - A New Beginning." It continues on the same time line as "Tillian 5 - A New Beginning" but on Earth with no knowledge of the events unfolding on Tillian 5. The diary then merges with the beginning of "Tillian 5 - Return to Earth." It covers a period of time when Earth's population is decimated by a natural event well beyond the control any human or android to stop.
Mary Had a Little Dagnaserub
by Kalifer Deil
Genre:Science Fiction/Children (FREE)
Format: Most e-book formats
Total words: 2491
A very short children's science fiction story:
Seven year old Mary Johnson met up with a little creature that lost his spaceship. She just thought it was a cute little animal she could take home as a secret pet. Secret, because grandma doesn't want pets in her house. When she realized who and what he really was she helped him retrieve his ship so he could return to his mother ship and from there to his home world in the stars.

Tillian 5 - A New Beginning
by Kalifer Deil
Genre:Science Fiction/Epic
Format: Most e-book formats
Total words: 99569
This epic is in three volumes of which this is the first "Tillian 5 -A New Beginning." It is a story of as told by the Captain Malcolm "Skip" Rogers of The Tillian Star. This starship was specifically designed to go to Tillian 5, a planet 60 light-years away from Earth. The Tillian Star was controlled by a computer called Maggie. Maggie became a key player in the survival of this small group of colonist on this very odd alien planet.

The third volume of the trilogy is "Tillian 5 - The Overseers" which will be coming out soon.

Now in print at Amazon.
Tillian 5 - Return to Earth
by Kalifer Deil
Genre:Science Fiction/Epic
Format: Most e-book formats
Total words: 112130
This is Vol. II of the Epic. Maggie and Skip Rogers become quantum paired android twins of themselves to return to terraform Earth to back to what it was using the advanced technology of the Keepers. The Earth population has dwindled to approximately one-million since it was devastated by a gamma ray burst from star WR104 going supernova. Earth is now ruled by pockets of extremely dangerous criminals and religious fanatics in the US and the Middle East who believe Maggie is the AntiChrist. The religious fanatics have access to nuclear weapons and use them without mercy.

Tillian 5 - The Overseer
by Kalifer Deil
Genre:Science Fiction/Epic
Format: Most e-book formats
Total words: 79705
In this final Volume III, Maggie faces many powerful potential enemies and the possible end of the Universe. At first the Clicker's, an insectoid race of beings, try to take over the Earth's and Tillian 5's android population. Next, the Overseer decides he wants Maggie to himself. That event is followed by the Assemblers, an emotionless race of machines, who want to reform all planets in their path to their purpose by extinguishing all biological life. Finally, Maggie and her small band of androids face a challenge beyond this Universe. Throughout, Maggie uses love, sex and her vast intelligence combined with Keeper technology as her toolkit to solve problems often with unintended consequences. Always looming in the shadow is the androids' preoccupation with sex, their drug of choice, which periodically threatens to absorb them into a virtual world of pleasure to the exclusion of reality and humanity.
McCambrie's Army
by Kalifer Deil
Genre:A Science Fiction Novella/Space Opera
Format: Most e-book formats
Total words: 23390
McCambrie Corporation had a monopoly on off Earth mining of vital materials. Their armed space force dwarfed that of the UN so they where almost impervious to Earth law. U.S. President Thorton wanted to rein in MacC as it was called. Her spy, John Crowley, had a rough start but soon fell in with Barbara Makowitz who seem to have a penchant for sex, murder and mayhem.

Well of Mirrors
by Kalifer Deil
Genre:Science Fiction Novella
Format: Most e-book formats
Total words: 27946
A novella length book about a group of monks assigned to an old mission in the California desert. They decide to dig an old stone lined well a bit deeper in the hope of increasing their water supply. They hit a metallic surface that they at first think is a shield that someone dropped down the well. It turns out to be the ceiling of the most fantastic archeological find of all time but its about to set civilization back to the stone age. As the number of investigators grows so does the danger to humanity.
Transcendental Epoch
by Kalifer Deil
Genre:Collection of two science fiction stories
Format: Most e-book formats
Total words: 16450
These two rather long short stories deal with brain downloading a real possibility in the not too distant future.
Eternal M
This is a tale about a Mafia Don that hears about a professor's experiment in brain downloading that got him fired from his university professorship. He wanted eternal life and this looked like his ticket to immortality. The professor worried that his life wouldn't be worth a nickel after his work was completed. He had no idea what was in store for him.
Big Al
A community of brain downloaded people were running into financial trouble due to the high cost of running their virtual existence. A multimillionaire used car salesman with severe health issues was invited to join their cerebral group in the hopes of improving their operational capital. From the start this appeared to be a very bad idea.
End Times
by Kalifer Deil
Genre:Collection of four science fiction stories
Format: Most e-book formats
Total words: 10,900
Ex World Leader
These aliens were looking for the smartest man on Earth to help adjudicate the future history of Earth. They ended up with Henry Kissingweig who did a bang up job.
The Survivor
Global warming reached its apex with everything turning worst case then the unthinkable happened.
Corpus Deletum
He loved the three beautiful androids and they loved him. He would do anything for them, and he did.
The Picnic
Damien and Christy went on a picnic. Their objectives were quite different. The result, well, it was very different as well.

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